Omega 10077 shaving brush, blue handle, natural boar bristle

Tierra Santa Shaving



Lovely two tone handle in black and blue plastic.

It's small; the knots are incredibly strong; and, when wet, the hairs are so soft you simply don't feel them.

The 10077 holds water and lather well, and consequently if you soak it in hot water prior to lathering up, you'll have the joy of shaving with hot lather. Its size is perfect: saturate, no don't shake, then whip your lather however you do it - and it will come out absolutely luxurious every time.

Due to its short loft length, it has a fairly upright backbone, but is not stiff while shaving at all. Excellent as a travel brush as well.

Outstanding brush. Outstanding Value.

Ht: 98 mm Loft: 50 mm Base: 48 mm Knot: 22 mm

Dimensions approximate.

Made in Italy