Gillette Rubie Double Edge Safety Razor + Free 5 Gillette DE Safety Blades

Tierra Santa Shaving



This is a Tech-type Gillette Safety Razor, providing smooth shaves and great value for it's price.

New in original packing, made in St. Petersburg, Russia.

You get :

  •  Gillette Rubie double-edge razor

  •  free pack of 5 Gillette Rubie Double Edge Blades 

  •  free pack of 10 Viking's Sword blades 

The Gillette Rubie razor is very suitable for travelling or as a first-time razor, since it's cheap and you don't need to invest in a more expensive one before you know if safety razors are for you or not.

As many new wetshavers are not confortable or lack the knowledge to buy a used safety razor, the Gillette Rubie is a good alternative to start traditional shaving without spending a lot of money on more expensive safety razors without knowing if it suits you or not. The head on this razor is similar to the Gillete Tech.

Although some excellent safety—razors that are both highly efficient and very comfortable—are available in the $70-$80 price range, we presume that most novices would prefer to get started at a lower price, so we looked for a razor we thought was great value in that it is low-cost, reasonably well-built (considering the price), and provided a “middle of the road” (or perhaps a bit milder) shave on the aggressiveness scale.