Personna Platinum Double Edge Blades For Safety Shaving Razor

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 Israeli Personna Platinum Swedish Steel 
Safety Blades

The Personna Platinum Safety Blades are made in Israel in the same factory as the "Israeli Red" or "Crystal" blades by PERSONNA.

PLATINUM coated for improved sharpness and smooth gliding.

Each razor blade is individually wax paper wrapped in a plastic box of 10 pieces. Each box is sealed in foil.
Personna razor blades have a Platinum Chrome coating and are very sharp, very gentle on the skin and are long lasting.
Personna Platinum double edge razor blades fit all standard double edge razors.

Personna blades are packed in a 10 pack dispenser that also serves as a used blade disposal case.

Features of the Personna blades

Each pack contains ten razor blades
Fits any standard classic razor
The razor blades are individually wrapped in wax paper
Made of Swedish stainless steel by the American Safety Razor Corporation
They are very sharp, very gentle for use on the skin and can be used several times.

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