How to Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor

  • Soak your brush in steaming water; this softens the bristles. Using a brush will enhance any man’s shaving experience. Brushes help lift hairs, which means a closer shave.

  • Shake some of the water out of the brush. Using the damp brush, lather your shave soap or cream. Let the bristles massage your face as you apply the lather in circular motions. If your lather turns into a Santa beard, you’re on the right path.

  • Make the first pass with your razor. Keep it angled at about 30 degrees.

  • Pull straight down. Don’t apply pressure – let the handle’s weight take care of that.

  • Flex or do something else you consider manly. Maybe chop down a tree with an axe.

  • Repeat.

    Research shaving forums – you’ll find a wealth of information. I recommend Badger and BladeThe Shave Den and The Shave Nook.

    The DE community is tight-knit and shavers are usually more than willing to give advice. I’ve literally had a random stranger call me to ask about safety razors because his wife’s boss told him I use one.

    People respect the double-edged shaver.

    Safety razors are not for everyone: just like how a hard day’s work, standing your ground, hauling wood, and opening doors for beautiful women aren’t for everyone. To each his own, I suppose.

    Cited from: Double Edge Razor Guide - How to Shave with a DE Razor — Gentleman's Gazette 

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